Photographic excellence

Ari and Maher 22 5150 B&W
Ari and Maher. (c) Scott Edwards, 2015.


This is false text as we are determining what these portrait and location shots reveal.  Happiness is yours.  Madonna and Guy Ritchie are going at it again in court over their poor dear children.

Weekend shooting available at $300 for 1.5 hours, including two locations and the several hours required to professionally process your images. Results will not necessarily match images shown unless you’re as good-looking as these two.  Regardless, I’ll try my best.

Ari and Maher 4 5026 half
The world is ours.  Scott Edwards, 2015

Pricing is adjustable.

Pricing is adjustable and so is the font.  Call me now at HEE-HAW BR 5429.  Or email me at  Look at the clarity of here.  Brilliant.

Ari and Maher 6 5034  B&W
Moonlight on the oasis. (c) Scott Edwards, 2015.

ALL IMAGES. © Scott Edwards, 2015.


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